Casino action best online casino rewards brand in canada

All That You Need to Know for the Casino action

Casino Action is another tangled-up project from Casino Rewards Group. The institution looks as morally old as its “get together,” and, like them, it cannot boast a rich collection. Can the club surprise us with anything else? What if Casino-Action is a divorce, a fraudster, clambered into the ranks of honest institutions? Let’s take a closer look at the service and understand everything.

Casino Action platform

Casino Action’s international resource is managed by Fresh Horizons Ltd. But the British version of the site belongs to Apollo Entertainment Limited, registered in Malta. Both companies are part of the Casino Rewards Group. In addition, there are several more organizations with the same legal address for example, Bayton Ltd & Baytree Ltd as part of the notorious CityViews Group.

Operators enjoy a not very good reputation and, so to speak, stamp products that are similar to each other in everything except design. And Casino Action is no exception.

The platform is traditionally cross-browser and multilingual. It is adapted to all resolutions of modern devices and has a mobile online version. Offline is designed only for GR: this agent is downloaded to a computer and works

autonomously, without connecting to a network.
Territorial restrictions on the use of the service are not documented, however, almost all regions appear in the registration list. Therefore, we can conclude that no more than 20 countries are banned. This is quite small when compared with other institutions.

User security is provided by an anti-virus system that protects against data interception. And all payments pass through a secure SSL protocol and using the system. There are also money protection filters – the level depends on the user’s activity (how often and how much he spends on the casino):

Basic – without additional protection.

Medium – bankruptcy insurance.

High – a personal account isolated from company accounts (controlled by an independent person).

Casino Action download

In addition to this, the company cooperates with human rights organizations (ODR, eCOGRA) and supports a program to combat ludomania (gambling addiction), offering users solutions and useful materials in this area.

Online casino action version

The official site of Casino Action is made in contrasting yellow and black colors. The institution looks unlike other clubs in the network stylishly. It can be seen that the designers worked on the resource and modernized it. Unfortunately, they did not reach the game collection (the only exception is the interactive casino).

Speaking about the game library, it is also worth noting that it becomes available only to registered users. If you have not logged in to your account, you will only see a preview with a text description.

To try

There is really a lot of advertising information on the site, but they are presented neatly and unobtrusively plus are concentrated in a single block, which does not cause such irritation, as, for example, at Grand Hotel Casino (another institution of the Casino Rewards Group).

The collection is divided into categories according to the characteristics of the games. For example, slots are divided into 3 reels, 5 reels and the so-called progression (slot machines with a jackpot).