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The Best That You Need to Know for Leo Vegas Casino

No, we cannot deny the omnipresent place of the casino within the cultural heritage as an art of entertainment: these arcades represent much more than simple spaces for relaxation.

History testifies to it, the big casinos have enchanted high-level families, ambitious and professional players and was the cradle of gambling. Human contact was also crucial in this competitive atmosphere: casinos were often meeting places for business discussions in a more relaxed atmosphere. Places that have created real obsessions, with films dedicated to them and online gaming platforms where you can spend time sitting comfortably at home.

However, the creation of digital casinos has redefined the gaming world and attracted a much larger community. But can we trust these online casinos? Our team gives you all the answers, especially regarding one of them, the Leo Vegas casino.

Registration on the Leo Vegas casino platform

The registration process on the platform is no less quick than what we normally test with other casinos. However, the language barrier can be a problem. You will first need to go to the “Create Account” tab and then fill out a long form with your personal and bank details. You will then choose an appropriate username and password to protect your account. Once this step is complete, your account will be validated and you can finally start playing on the platform.

Deposits and withdrawals

One of the elements to be taken into great consideration when it comes to the quality of an online casino is the deposit and withdrawal options. Contrary to what we are used to seeing in other digital casinos, LeoVegas casino does not have a great variety in terms of online payment options and some conditions are restrictive and can easily discourage player to continue on the platform. Similarly, the Wish to Win happens in the casino.

The methods indicated are:
• Credit card: Visa, Mastercard
• Electronic wallets: Neteller, Skrill or Paysafecard.

If you choose the latter, you will still not be able to make a withdrawal from Leo Vegas casino. Even in terms of withdrawal times, this casino is not the fastest and you risk waiting up to 5 days before you can withdraw your winnings with a withdrawal limit that is estimated at almost $ 20,000. It is an impossible figure for the majority of players who therefore risk playing only for glory. The result is that LeoVegas is filled with debts and financial burdens with its customers, instead of being a place for relaxation and fun. Similar to La Fiesta Casino, of which you can read our review.

What to think of customer service?

Many casinos extol the merits of their customer services, but few demonstrate true professionalism. Often to operate this tactic are the sites that implement scams and we can consider Leo Vegas one of them. In fact, even though the casino description says otherwise, we have tested the platform long enough to judge the inability of its customer support team. We have witnessed a growing lack of communication, with staff suddenly disappearing or giving vague answers. Although it is possible to contact support via email and telephone number, the staff are rarely reachable. It should also be noted the absence of the FAQ which would greatly simplify the life of the players. Not much better what we tested in 888 casinos.

Leo Vegas casino bonus

With the ever-increasing number of online casinos available to players, the platforms try to attract more and more customers through more or less profitable bonuses. The same obviously applies to Leo Vegas, which offers various interesting bonuses.

What are the opinions on the Leo Vegas casino?

To conclude this analysis, we must also find out what the users of this casino really think by looking for their opinions in the forums and on Reddit. In the latter case, a large number of people have left negative reviews about LeoVegas. Players believe LeoVegas casino is a scam and strongly advise against it. Their problems are often related to the inability to withdraw money from the casino, some data theft, as well as the fact that the casino is not fair and the odds of the game are not random but rather programmed on purpose to make you lose. Our team recommends looking at better casinos, such as Unique Casino. In conclusion, we would like to share the opinion of Reddit players and we strongly advise against it.